Jason and the Argonauts

"Sly, silly, sophisticated and altogether winning take on an ancient Greek myth."  THE NEW YORK TIMES

Jason’s uncle isn’t exactly lovable…he’s murdered his brother (the king) and stolen the crown and now no one dares stand up to him. Things are about to get a major shake up though because Jason is BACK! After being banished as a baby, our wannabe hero returns to claim his rightful throne and make some big changes. However, in ancient times nothing’s that straightforward. Jason and his crew must sail on The Argo to the other side of the world to find the Golden Fleece and bring it back in order to unite the people again. As if that wasn’t difficult enough, the odd monster, sleeping dragon and clashing rock endeavor to ruin his trip and spice things up on this most fantastic of journeys!

Recommended for ages 9+


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Nov 17 2013 - 2:00pm
Adults: $18-$22
Seniors: $14-$18
Youth: $9-$14
Adult: $21-$25
Seniors: $17-$21
Youth: $12-$17

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